We’re building a network of Vancouver Island copywriters who are keen to assist artists with grant applications, CVs and other wordly tasks.

Our services range from coaching/light editing, to complete application preparation. We offer a sliding scale of $30-$50/hour. By way of rough example, a 4-5 page grant application can take 8-10 hours.


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Jenny Farkas

Niches: plain language writing, order from chaos

Little known fact: After 20 years as a technical writer, I’ve finally worked up the courage to try fiction

Location: Victoria BC

Catherine M. Johnson
Niches: Non-fiction writing, editing and mentoring
Little known fact: I am working on a memoir about my birder mom
Location: Duncan BC
Jessica Kirby

Niches: technical writing, research, storytelling,

Little known fact: I write about drywall, sheet metal, living off-grid, and saving the earth—sometimes all in the same day

Location: Nanaimo BC

Zoe Mathers
Niche: Blogger and social media writer on various topics such as digital marketing, beauty, writing, and photography
Fun Fact: I am almost 4 years deep into writing a novel inspired by Aztec mythology
Location: Victoria BC
Shelley A. Leedahl
Niches: Editing or evaluating literary prose, poetry, and creative nonfiction; writing advertising copy and reports     
Little known fact: Have received numerous provincial, national and international Fellowships for my literary writing 
Location: Ladysmith, BC

Image credits: overload photograph is a Creative Commons image from State Farm; writer illustration is from a purchased package of graphics.