Jenny’s thoughts on the City of Victoria election

Information about where and how to vote:

Note – you can vote early today (Monday Oct 15) at City Hall until 8pm, and you can vote early at UVic on Wednesday Oct 17 at the SUB from 8am to 6pm. And then of course you can vote on the regular voting day of next Saturday Oct 20.


Lisa Helps for Mayor – because I want a courageous, smart, tenacious, open-minded woman to lead us – and her leadership will be enhanced by a strong, progressive council (see below)(

She has done a lot of very good work over the past four years, and navigated some very tricky waters. I like the foundation she has laid for the City (e.g. bike lanes, $90M affordable housing fund, beginning the work of reconciliation) and I want to give her four more years to actualize her plan.

I also like that she is willing to listen, stay present during hard conversations (including hearing me out on the parts of her leadership over the past four years that I haven’t liked) and to change her mind – truly refreshing qualities in a politician.


You can vote for up to 8 people, but if you vote for less that strengthens your vote.

These are the people I voted for:

  • Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday for Council and CRD Board – because they bring experience from being on Council already, do their research and are extremely hard working, have a strong commitment to social justice, and are actively working on creating more ‘below-market’ and ‘non-market’ housing (
  • Grace Lore – because she strikes me as smart and energetic (
  • Laurel Collins, Sarah Potts and Sharmarke Dubow – because they bring skill sets that are vital for the next four years to ensure our city is meeting everyone’s needs (aka a rising tide lifts all boats). I don’t personally have experience working with them, but I have HUGE and DEEP respect for the incredibly compassionate, intelligent and engaged group of people who endorse them. (
  • Pam Madoff – because of her unfailing commitment to beautiful urban design (
Here is the full list of candidates running for the position of Mayor and Council:


The following suggestions for school board (you can vote for up to 9 people) come from friends working in the school system. These candidates have been selected for their understanding of the issues and their support for inclusivity in the classroom.
  • Aiden Elkin
  • Tom Ferris
  • Angie Hentz
  • Diane McNally
  • Ryan Painter
  • Rob Paynter
  • Jordan Watters
  • Ann Whittaker

Here is the full list of candidates running for the School Board:


You will be asked whether you support the creation of a Citizen’s Assembly to study the idea of Victoria and Saanich amalgamating. Here is some background information, and you can use Google to find out what candidates are saying about this idea.

DIRECTOR OF LAND USE PLANNING – this is just an aside

Right now the City is without a Director of Planning. The previous Director just left. This is an exciting opportunity- and also disappointing that we don’t get to vote for this position at the same time as we elect Mayor and Council.

We haven’t done enough in the past 4 years to solve the housing crisis, in large part because we didn’t have the right person leading the Planning Department. Land use decisions impact every single aspect of our day to day lives in this City. As soon as the election is over I will be working super hard to make sure citizens and neighbourhoods are part of the selection process.